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We're all familiar with Western Rites of Passage - birthdays, weddings, baby showers and anniversaries.
Especially for women, there are some important life-events that other cultures have been celebrating for centuries.

In a woman's life, her transition into womanhood begins when she starts menstruating, yet our culture says she is to hide and keep secret this momentous occasion.  Getting married is always celebrated, as is coming into Motherhood, but after that, what is there? ... A funeral when we're gone!

Other cultures honour their ELDERS for the wisdom they impart to eager-to-listen ears - Western culture kicks them to the curb.  Red Tent Ontario, and other women-focused groups are setting a new example. We're reviving reasons to celebrate and honour our important life stages.

FIRST BLOOD is our first transition from childhood to WOMANHOOD - young girls are welcomed into the Red Tent Sisterhood by women of all ages, who honour, respect and mentor them as powerful young women.
MOTHERHOOD ceremonies are focused on the woman who has entered motherhood, rather than the baby. As every new mother knows, self-care can be last on the list of to-do's.
QUEENING ceremonies are for those whose children are grown and for those who are not mothers - we celebrate you, your wisdom and the important role you have as a woman.
Turning 50 is a very special occasion - we honour the shift in a WISDOMHOOD or WISE WOMAN ceremony. Not yet wanting to be considered a CRONE, this ceremony marks the occasion in our life journey. 
MENOPAUSE is to be celebrated, as it is said that once we stop bleeding each month, we keep our wisdom inside us.
CRONING - age 56+ is an honourable time and worthy of a beautiful transition into the winter years. We recognize and celebrate the Crone for her wisdom, knowledge and spirituality.

Whatever your age and stage, let us honour and celebrate with YOU!

How much does it cost?

Your ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.   

Ceremonies start at $200 +HST.  They can be a simple pot-luck gathering or as elaborate as a wedding.

Start with submitting the form below and whatever your desire, we'll work with you and your budget to create a beautiful memory.


Spring, Summer & Fall ceremonies are held outdoors in Hornings Mills


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