'Many women feel called to experience something that allows them to break free from the mundane and just reconnect with themselves. The Red Tent offers not only a beautiful but comforting space for women of all ages to journey within each month. 

In the Tent there is no judgement and no pressure, just a welcoming environment of women from many paths opening to themselves and offering their support to others. By sharing or simply listening to the stories of other women we help to empower one another to receive the blessings that await us when we acknowledge our sacredness.'

It was an amazing experience of love and acceptance. LG

I have realized how protected I am. Sometimes the pain of some of the women is so moving and the support of everyone is like a big hug. I have learned how strong we all are even if it doesn't always feel like it. MH

Feeling the unconditional love and support that flows throughout the room for other complete strangers is a remarkable experience.

It's interesting how much I am looking forward to upcoming red tent dates.  I truly find as others have said that it is "a gift" to yourself by taking time out of our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves and other women.

The red tent events are truly a magical experience and each one is a completely different experience which for me makes it even more wonderful.   I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this as I have been working through my cancer treatment. EB


'I have participated in 2 Red Tents and I know that it will be 2 of many more for me.  Both were different and both were good for my soul and being.  The ambiance is quite indescribable and one has to simply “try it” and be open to the possibilities.  Everyone is warm and welcoming with no expectations of each other or agenda ( how odd is that-no agenda ) but it works and just evolves naturally.

' The art of being fully present and kind of leaving all your troubles, woes and to do list on a shelf for 2 hours is so intriguing.  I felt completely safe and valued.  Whatever anyone said I did not judge, simply listened and appreciated.  How nice, how simple and how respectful.  Debra Jones has a kind of  magic that her presence brings to the Red tent that creates an aura of beauty and calm.  I feel that the Red Tent is a gift and when I leave it I am wrapped with a bow spiritually with both an inside and outside smile on my face.'

I was moved. I am still moving and inspired from the energy I received at my first Red Tent event. I will be returning again and again and again.....CB

When I came to The Red Tent on Saturday I had no expectations. The two hours in the Tent seemed to make the outside world disappear. Today is Tuesday and I am still basking in the red glow. There was, and I took it with me, an abundant peace and acceptance from women of all ages. It was an enriching experience. 💕💕 ES

Loved every second of my first Red tent. KP

My First Red Tent

A sturdy wooden fence with lush green growth heralded the still hidden entrance to the red tent. A round wagon wheel perched up against it. The sound of water moving in the distance aroused my curiosity and invited me to enter. A few steps further the scene unfolded...

The babbling brook greeted me and lured my eyes to explore its meandering path. Water teetered over stones and flowed down steps in its downstream journey. Streams emerged and trickled and dropped and splashed (there are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe the range of music that accompanied each type of fluid movement).  

A simple wooden foot bridge draws my eyes to a beautiful forest behind the brook.  My mind wanders forward on the path wondering where the bridge leads to and what lies beyond.

To my left a round building draws my attention and, as I approach, a beautiful woman wearing a red woolen shawl and a smile, with sparkling eyes and auburn bouncing curls opens her arms and draws me in to welcome me.

Drawing back the curtain I'm invited to enter the tent. Red swathes of material are draped from the ceiling and down the walls making the space cocooning and soothing. Around the perimeter of the oval space are cushions of different depths of reds, and couches ready for each woman who enters to take her place. The floor is covered with carpets and mats, materials of various reds and different textures, from soft fluffy ones to embroidered red and golden ones. 

In the centre is the sacred space, a low table, draped in a deep red cloth upon which is placed a sculpture of people connected in a circle, sage, a rattle and small sculptures of curved rounded women.  Around the tent in a circle, taking their place as equals in the tent, are the sisters - women of wisdom - of different ages and stages joined and united, there for themselves and for each other.  Women courageously honouring themselves.


Women who are looking to get away from their stress can do so under the red tent. Red Tent Ontario founder Debra Jones says 'red tents' have been around for a long time, dating back to biblical times.

“The Red Tent was a place where the women would go and stay for a length of time by themselves, then come back and integrate into society - and that idea of going within and taking care of yourself, and your soul, is something that we’ve lost in today’s society.”