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4 ways YOU can help your community

1.  Make a donation - any amount is gratefully received
2.  Purchase exclusive Red Tent merchandise
3.  Spread the word - tell everyone - girlfriends, sister, mothers, daughters, grandmothers
4.  Join us in the tent - your $20 is added to the fund

Why Would I Make a Donation?

Short Summary

Debra Jones is the founder of Red Tent Ontario and Regional Coordinator of Gather The Women Global Matrix.

After hosting the very popular Energy Shares, she discovered the deep desire of people to connect in a meaningful way.  She noticed how people, when supported by their authentic like-minded community, thrived and blossomed.

"See a need - fill a need" is her philosophy and so Red Tent Ontario was born.

Red Tent Ontario's fundraising campaign is to fund this safe, comfortable place for a community of women to gather regularly.
Many women need a safe, supportive environment if they are to find their voice and their power to make changes in their own lives.  Once empowered, women can make the world a better place.

'The world will be saved by the western woman' - Dalai Lama

What We Need & What You Get

  • Our current goal is to pay for our current Red Tent ( a purpose-built gazebo) and to cover the expenses incurred in opening the tent flaps every month, however, our ultimate goal is to raise $30,000 to build a fully self-sufficient yurt in the forest - a permanent Red Tent to accommodate larger groups of women
  • For one-timedonations over $100 you'll be acknowledged on our website and newsletters
  • When we exceed our goal - your money will fund other Red Tents in this community and others

'Be the change you wish to see in the world' - Mahatma Gandhi

The Impact It'll Make

Your generous donation will enable more women to find their voice, take back their power and find the courage they need to make changes in their lives.

Risks & Challenges

Perhaps it'll take a while to gather the funds necessary for the permanent Red Tent.   Until we reach our goal, we'll continue to hold Red Tent gatherings each month.

  • Debra is an adept problem-solver, known for gracefully changing course and adjusting quickly to new environments and challenges.
  • There is always more than one path to get to a destination - Debra always finds a way to achieve her goals.


Thank you!

Want to help but can't donate?

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  • Tell all your women friends/relatives that they are welcome in the Red Tent

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