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Debra Jones

Founder's Message

'Welcome to the Red Tent!  I hope you'll find it a safe, comfortable, loving, supportive haven for you to gather regularly with the women of your community.  You're welcome here."

Debra Jones


Thank you

The Mission

WHO: Women & Girls of any age (who are or have finished menstruating)

WHAT: To serve as an anchor and compass for women to recognize and claim their empowerment. Connecting women to the community of women who provide friendship, support, healing, coaching and education. A place to come every month to meditate, read, journal, sip tea and just ‘be’.  Additional Special Events include ceremonies to celebrate the ages and stages of life, talking circles & workshops.

WHEN: Gatherings each month - on or around every New Moon and Special Events in between.

WHERE: Near Shelburne (Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada).

WHY: As part of the Red Tent Movement, and one of the millionth circle, we awaken the NEW powerful Solar Feminine energy and collectively birth the New Woman archetype.

To validate. To empower. To build a supportive, thriving community.  To be the change we wish to see in the world.

What it is

Women of all ages are invited to meet in the Red Tent every month around the New Moon as this is a time that we naturally need to 'go within', to take 'time-out' for ourselves, to connect with our 'sisters', to heal, to be safe, to feel nurtured.

When you enter the Red Tent there is no agenda - no set activity - no one to ask anything of you.

Quite an unusual concept in these modern times, Red Tent time is used to nurture your spirit - sip tea, close your eyes and centre yourself.   It's also a forum for sharing wisdom, creative activities, ceremony and interaction.

YOU decide what YOU need and use Red Tent time to fulfill your need

Especially good for healers who find themselves always 'on' - ready to help another soul - the Red Tent is for you too - a place for YOU to take off your healer's hat and just 'be'.

Women are often so busy making sure everyone is taken care of - this time for YOU creates a balance, it rejuvenates you to then go back and do the things you need to do - but with an important difference - you feel balanced and whole.

You can maintain this wholeness by knowing you have your community of 'sisters' that you can be with at least every four weeks.

For those times in between, we offer circle groups for women to explore other areas of interest, including meditation, energy shares, talking circles, workshops and other events designed to empower you, heal you and help you find peace in your life.

What it isn't

When you come to the Red Tent you may be in need of healing, comfort and support.  You can get all of that here by being a part of the community of women.  One-on-one healing or support sessions are not offered at the New Moon Gatherings - that's why we offer women's circle groups so you can get the support that you need.  We can also suggest local healers that specialize in a variety of healing modalities, or visit our founder's website for healing options.

We aim to be inclusive of all women.  We are not associated with any particular group or religion.  We are a place of honesty, light and integrity and will support any woman who desires to make changes for the highest good of all.

How Red Tent Ontario began

In 2011, an event called the Energy Share was born – a gathering of like-minded people from near and far gathered every two weeks for meditation and to practice a variety of healing modalities, followed by a pot-luck lunch and social time.  It grew into a supportive loving environment for healers and those that needed healing to come together and experience the loving kindness of the community.

It was here that many novice healers found the courage to express their gifts and talents and offer their healing in a more concrete way.  It was here that souls found lasting friendships and acceptance for who they were.  We had created a haven for us to be ourselves and be understood, to share, to cry and to heal body, mind and spirit.

We thrived as we enjoyed the opportunity to safely explore our greatness.

Energy Shares were very popular and usually accommodated 8-16 people each week.  However, in the fall of 2013 numbers had started to dwindle we knew that the Energy Shares needed to change.  Some women had expressed a desire for a ‘women-only’ Energy Share so that they might feel more comfortable sharing.

We held our last one in December 2013 and put them on hold until we could figure out what needed to change.  Some attendees were anxious to regroup and we held another two shares the following summer, but all the time we knew the end had come.  But what would replace it?  We didn’t know.


A visit from the STAG
At the start of 2015, while sitting at the window, a majestic stag came to graze the barely living remnants of my flower garden across the river.  I reached for my camera and took some awesome shots and posted them on Facebook for all to see.  Many ‘liked’ and commented.


That same week I was visited by a Nocturnal Flying Squirrelwhich, apparently, are not found this far south in Ontario!?!  I connected the two sightings as a message to show me that those, which had once been hiding in the shadows, were to come out and be seen and appreciated.


A week later, 3 female deer visited the same spot to find sustenance in my flower garden.  Again, I posted the photo on Facebook and the post gained an astounding 72 ‘likes’.   A comment was posted: "Do you get the message yet?" and, although I was aware of the general message of 'deer medicine' I went to look at my reference book once again.  I hadn't noticed what had been written there all along.  This is what it said:

"You’re charged with facilitating women’s ceremonies or rituals,
such as honouring major life passages and transitions.”

I took a course in ‘Becoming an Elder’ with Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths & Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype) and finally found my courage to stand up and speak my own wisdom. Indeed, the time has come!

I knew then that my next mission would be helping women acknowledge their greatness by providing a safe, loving, caring environment to explore and celebrate our wisdom together.

  • ‘Rabbit medicine’ came to tell me that I should take advantage of this very creative time as I will move ahead in leaps and bounds (and that surely was the truth).
  • ‘Buffalo’ came to me in dream-time to tell me that an important project was about to start.
  • Then came the message that 2015 was the Year of the Empowered Woman … and so Red Tent Ontario was founded.

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