Whether in-person or virtually, here are our


Debra Jones

Sisters, welcome to the Red Tent - take a breath and calm your mind
You are welcome here in circle. Time for you to get aligned

We’re positioned like a wheel, held by the centre’s sacred space
The circle is complete when every woman takes her place

Sitting beside you as an equal - we show up just as we come
There is love here, we are friends here, and respect for everyone

The circle is a vessel that supports your sacred time
It can hold you as you share with us whatever’s on your mind

Whatever’s shared stays confidential to the tent, and not beyond
It’s that trust we share between us that creates the special bond

We can share our own experience, the highs, the lows, the lot
We acknowledge others’ sharing even if they seem distraught

We abandon need to rescue one another from her tears
Just a smile and kind attention lets her know they’re welcome here

We embrace the pause of silence that allows us to reflect
It’s within that space of nothing that our soul can reconnect

Take what you need to take today to fill your well complete
Give what you have to give to any woman that you meet

And when you leave you’ll take away with you - inside your heart
A gentle knowing that you’re loved here, while together or apart

Copyright Red Tent Ontario 2020.  Some rights reserved.

May be shared for non-commercial purposes with proper credit and citation.