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We're all familiar with Western Rites of Passage:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Baby Showers
  • Anniversaries

Especially for women, there are some important life-events that other cultures have been celebrating for centuries.  They and their communities have recognized and honoured other life stages that we, in the West, have not.

In a woman's life, her transition into womanhood begins when she starts menstruating, yet our culture says she is to hide and keep secret this momentous occasion.

Getting married is always celebrated, as is coming into Motherhood, but after that, what is there? ... A funeral when we're gone!

Other cultures honour their ELDERS for the wisdom they impart to eager-to-listen ears - Western culture kicks them to the curb.

Red Tent Ontario, and other women-focused groups are setting a new example.  We're reviving

Let us honour and celebrate with you!


Menarche Ceremony
(pron: men-ar-kee)

The first menstrual bleeding signals the possibility of fertility.  We celebrate the onset of womanhood with a beautiful ceremony to honour her new place within the community of women.

Within a sacred circle, the sisterhood of friends and relatives gather together to bless the way into womanhood.  To celebrate the beginning of her moon/menstrual cycle, her inner and outer beauty and the empowerment of her Spirit, the sisterhood will present the maiden with loving gifts of wisdom and empowerment.

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Queening Ceremony
For those whose children are grown and for those who are not mothers - we celebrate you, your wisdom and the important role you have as a woman.

A Sacred Ceremony to mark the transition from mothering and managing your family to stepping into caring for your realm as a guide and resource. Being a Queen is demonstrated by exerting your womanly power in the realm of your own life and in the dominion entrusted to your care. As a Queen you rule regally by applying the wisdom, integrity and influence to safeguard the cycles of life. You learn to regulate the flow of energy and goods to enhance the well being of all creatures within your circle of influence.

Our queen aspect responds to our divine calling and fulfills our purpose and responsibilities with dedication, practice and delight.   This comes with responsibility as all power does but it also comes with opportunity to influence and love.  So in Sacred Ceremony the sisterhood gathers to honour, encourage, and empower the Queen onto her new path.

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You may also receive a womb-blessing at any stage of your life - it heals ancestral wounds and heals karmic patterns.


Croning Ceremony
The word 'Crone' has been given a bad rap.  The word is derived from the Tradition of the Triple Goddess depicting the 3 stages of a woman's development:
MAIDEN - birth, innocence, virgin
MOTHER - wife, nurturer
CRONE -  elder, wise-woman

We recognize and celebrate the Crone for her wisdom, knowledge and spirituality. At the time of menopause, it is said that she now holds her wisdom within her, instead of bleeding it out each month.

A Croning Ceremony honours a woman’s entrance into the wise age (56+). The sisterhood gathers in Sacred Ceremony to celebrate and honour the power and adventure of this new phase of a woman’s life.

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How much does it cost?

Your ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. 

We'll work with you and your budget to create a beautiful memory.

Spring, Summer & Fall ceremonies are held outdoors at Riverside in Hornings Mills MAP


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